Tree Nursery Peter Ooms

Henxbroekweg 9
2960 Brecht

Phone: +32 (0) 495/25.16.58

IBAN: BE08733032444813
BTW: BE0872.683.660

Nursery: can only visited by appointment


Welcome to Tree Nursery Peter Ooms

Tree Nursery Peter Ooms is a young & dynamic company. We offer a wide variety of plants and trees, stretching over 10 Ha of nursery. The company specializes in growing large flowering shrubs and mature trees. If you are looking for a beautiful shrub, a nice tree, an old hedge or a beautifully shaped pruning, this nursery might very well be the right partner for you to work with. We can easily handle plants up to 10m high and 7m wide.

We sell directly to landscapers, gardeners, nurserymen and growers. We welcome private customers, interested in selecting a nice tree for their garden.

Tree Nursery Peter Ooms offers a nice selection of natural boulders. These boulders will give your garden that extra edge. The Belgian bluestone rocks are handpicked from a quarry near Liege and can range from 10 kg up to 10 tonnes.

Would you like to visit Tree Nursery ‘Peter Ooms’: be our guest and contact us for an appointment.

If you wish to receive more information or prices, please send us an email, referencing the plant name and number :

Are you a new customer? Please share with us all relevant company details so we can provide you with the best service possible.

Prices will not be disclosed over the phone.